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Dobroyd Residential June 2017...

Well it has been a great first day here at Dobroyd. We have tried activities we never thought we would do and pushed ourselves to complete challenges we never thought we could, but the day has left all of us smiling about all we have achieved.

After arriving at Dobroyd we started our adventure with a long walk up to the centre. We walked alongside the canal, passed many locks and climbed up a very steep hill, but eventually we arrived. 

Once up at the centre we settled ourselves into our rooms, before heading off for a tasty lunch. Once we had eaten and drank  all we needed we were ready to face a busy day of activities. 

As there are a lot of us the adults decided to split us into three smaller groups named Waterfall, Spring and Stream. These will be the groups with whom we will be exploring all of our challenges during our stay.  

Waterfall and Spring

Although two separate groups Waterfall and Spring would be doing the same activities at the same time just in different parts of the centre. First up for us was Zip wire. We all were really keen to have a go at this challenge so much so we had 4 runs each! 

Next came a session of Archery. We enjoyed the experience of improving our skill with a bow and each made great progress the more practice we had.  

Finally before our evening meal we tackled the 'Challenge course' where we tried to prove ourselves worthy as a knight by working with a partner to navigate a range of tricky obstacles and retrieve the hidden shield. We demonstrated great skill in supporting our partners and encouraging our friends. 

After a rest and some food we were ready for the rest of the day's activities. In caving we had to explore a range of tunnels. We enjoyed exploring the dark and playing a range of games although some of the spaces we had to work through were very tight and tricky to navigate.

To finish off our day we took on the 'Crate Challenge.' Here we had to work as a team to build a tower of crates ten levels tall without falling off or causing the towers to topple. Everyone enjoyed giving this challenge a go and impressed our adults once again with how we helped and supported our team mates. 


In Stream group we started our day by putting on harnesses ready to take on 'The Trapeze.' In this challenge we had to climb up a pole to a special platform before trying to jump from the top to reach a hanging trapeze. It was a bit scary but we impressed ourselves with how well we all did. 

For the rest of the afternoon just like the other groups we also took on both the 'Challenge course' and Zip wire all before stopping for our evening meal.  

Once we had refuelled we were ready for our evenings activities. Our first challenge of the night was to work as a team to survive the Piranha pool. We had to really think to solve each of the problems, ensuring we listened to everyone's ideas. Don't worry though Mum's and Dad's all fingers and toes are still in their correct places. I guess the Piranha's weren't hungry as we definitely fell into the water a few times. 

To finish off the first day we took part in some rock climbing. Before heading for a hot chocolate and biscuit to warm us up before bedtime.

But now it's late and we've had a very busy day so it's time we all settled down for the night, but we can't wait to find out what adventures tomorrow will bring. 

See you all soon

Year 6 !


Dobroyd Day 2

It's been another fantastic day here at Dobroyd, full of excitement, challenges and great deal of fun. We were woken up early by the staff here at the centre and taken for a hearty breakfast to help start our day. Once we were ready, it was time for another busy day exploring a wide range of activities.

Waterfall and Spring

Waterfall and Spring groups started their morning by taking on the 'Piranha Pool.'  Here we had to use our physical strength and mental agility as well as a great deal of team work to solve the puzzle and escape the room before the piranhas were released to nibble on our toes. Fortunately, our efforts paid off and we completed the puzzle within the time allocated, leaving us feeling proud of ourselves and the piranhas feeling hungry once again. 

Our second activity of the day gave us the opportunity to explore a section of Dobroyd in a very new way... BLINDFOLDED! In 'Night line' we all had to put on blindfolds before setting off to navigate an assault course made of things to climb under, through, around and over. It was difficult not being able to use our sight to complete the course, but we persevered and using great communication skills were able to guide our friends to the finish line. 

To round off the morning we at last got to have a go at an activity many of us had really been looking forward to.... The Giant Swing! Here, wearing harnesses, we were fastened to a metal swing and pulled into the air by our friends. Once we reached a height where we felt a little scared but comfortable we chopped the rope to release the swing. We had great fun and are all proud of ourselves for having a go.

In the afternoon we spent a lot of our time on climbing challenges. First up was The Trapeze. This was probably the scariest of the activities we have done and took a lot of courage to climb the pole let alone jump from the top. But as always we all gave it our best effort.

Next we enjoyed spending time on the indoor climbing wall. We tried climbing as high as we could up a vertical wall and travelling along a horizontal climbing track. We particularly enjoyed the chance to play some climbing games using the lower sections of the climbing area.

Before tea our last activity was the 'Dungeon of Doom.' Once again team work was key as we worked to completed some very tricky puzzles and escape from the dungeon. After some logical thinking and a great team effort we managed to secure our freedom once again, all in time for a tasty evening meal.  


After breakfast Stream group started their day on the next part of the 'Knights Challenge'. Here we set out to prove ourselves to be worthy Knights through teamwork, physical and mental skill. To complete this stage of our quest we needed to complete a range of different puzzles, requiring a lot of logical thinking. 

For the rest of our morning we head down to the water for two different activities Canoeing and Raft building. We had a great time exploring these water challenges even if we did get a little wet, be it by accident or by choice!

After a tasty meal and a bit of a rest we were ready to face the afternoon. First up for us was the 'Dungeon of Doom' where just like our friends in Waterfall and Spring we had to show great team work to solve the puzzles and regain our freedom.

Next up it was our turn to take part in Archery. We had great fun learning how to use a bow and enjoyed taking part in a range of Archery games.

To finish off the afternoons activities it was our turn to tackle the 'Crate Challenge.' We had great fun trying to climb as high as we could even though the wobble of our towers could be a bit scary. 

Sadly its our last day tomorrow and before you know it we will be on our way home, but before then there are plenty more challenges to face and fun to be had. So it's off to bed we go ready for an early start and a well earned rest.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Year 6

Dobroyd Day 3

Well we are all home safe and sound but very tired after a great few days away. But before we set off on the journey back there was still a lot of fun to be had. So once our bags were packed and our stomachs full from another tasty breakfast, we were off on our last morning of activities.

Waterfall and Spring

Waterfall and Spring group started their morning off with Canoeing on the lake. After a safety talk and instructions on how to control the Canoes we spent the rest of the session out on the water practising how to manoeuvre and playing a range of different games including football.  After a fun session we had stayed remarkably dry but that was all about to change in our next activity.

We didn't have to go very far for our next challenge as we were staying at the lake to do Raft building. Using a variety of different floats and ropes we had to build the most stable raft we could before testing it out on the water. Our rafts worked very well and we were able to try some raft paddling races. We were soon very wet but just to make sure we finished off the activity with some water skydiving.

The final activity of our stay was the Knights Challenge where we had to prove ourselves worthy of being a night. We worked brilliantly as a team and passed the puzzles with flying colours. Some of us were even knighted for our efforts.


In Stream group we had a dryer but much darker morning planned. But first we had to tackle the Giant Swing. We had a great time enjoying the ride and were proud how many of us joined in and of the team work we showed to get our friends to the top.

After Giant Swing it was our turn to be blindfolded and use our other senses to navigate the obstacles of the Night line course. We used good communication to help our friends find their way by warning them of the obstacles that were coming up along the route. It was a tricky challenge but a lot of fun.

For the final activity of our stay Stream group were taken down to explore the caves in Caving. We loved squeezing through the dark tunnels and small spaces to find new areas to explore. It made a great place for a game of hide and seek where we cunningly hid ourselves away in the darkest place or even set up decoys to fool our friends into thinking we were somewhere else.

The past few days have been filled with such a wide range of experiences for us all. We've had lots of times when things were fun, times when its been hard or scary, times when we have needed our friends support and times where we have supported them. We have worked together, communicated, supported and cared and most importantly proven what a fantastic team we can be.

We have all had an amazing few days away and have loved every moment.

From us all in Year 6

Gallery Rebels: January 2017


Local Sculptor, Neil Wood recently visited our Year 6 pupils as part of their 'Gallery Rebels' topic. They were able to look at sculptures he had created and to have a go at making some of their own, using clay moulds and plaster of paris.

Frozen Kingdom: Autumn 2016


Year 6 visited 'Project Polar' at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of their Frozen Kingdom topic.