Worship Council

Worship Council is new to our school this year! We are made up of children from Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

For Worship Council 2017-2018 we have 10 members: Liam, Abbigale, William, Rosie, Isabelle, Summer, Matthew, Alex, Mason and Jenson.

Worship Council’s role is to help lead collective worships, monitor collective worship and help promote reflection and collective worship around the school. 



What does Worship Council do?

We regularly meet with Mrs Patton and Reverend Neil to carry out learning walks and to monitor our schools Christian Distinctiveness. We help to give feedback and ideas to the pupils, staff and Governors to help make our Collective Worship times extra special. We also organise the planning and performances of acts of worship.

We have recently decided to sponsor two children from other countries in order to help them have access to better lives and education.

Karim (above) is four years old and lives in Tegloma, Sierra Leone. We are collecting loose change each week to pay for him to attend school.