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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 


Chair of Governors Welcome


Hello and welcome to St Oswald’s Church Of England Academy. 


The Governing body in partnership with our Head teacher Mrs Patton, children, parents and staff work together to deliver a warm, welcoming family feel to our church school and I am proud to lead the Governing Body of St Oswald’s Church Of England Academy and enjoy working for the benefit of our children, parents and staff.


Our Governing Body is currently made up of 11 members, representing Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s church, the Diocese of Sheffield, elected parents and members of school staff. We are proud to have a Governing Body that is made up of a team of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.


We are a rural school situated in the heart of Finningley village. We enjoy strong links with the local church, Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s, and we are passionate about delivering opportunities to our children and ensuring each child reaches their full potential, enshrined in a rich Christian environment.


As governors we have responsibility to ensure that the school delivers a first class education for all our children, regardless of their background. We do this in a variety of ways:

We meet as a full board to monitor the overall strategy of the school taking into account national education guidelines and agreeing a range of targets ensuring the progress of all children.

The Governing Body also operates through sub committees groups, these groups monitor all aspects of school life, children’s progress, finance and policies.

As Governors we meet with our children regularly through attendance at acts of worship, assemblies, Pupil Parliament, school trips as well as being in and around school.

Parents play an important role in the work of the school and the home school partnership is integral to delivering the very best education, so governors take every opportunity to interact with parents and strengthen the relationship between home and school life.


The Governing Body and Trustees decided last year that the school should join the Diocese of Sheffield Academies Trust (DSAT), this transition was completed in December 2018.


I hope you find our website interesting and informative but if you require any further information do please hesitate to contact the school office or myself.

Dave Moore

Chair of Governors

On behalf of the Governing body      



The links below will take you to the Trustees' Report and Financial Statements.


Trustees Report 2017/18


Trustees Report 2016/17


Trustees Report 2015/16


Trustees Report 2014/15



If you require paper copies of any of the documentation on this website, please do not hesitate to ask.

Governor Attendance 2019-20


Name 18/10/2010 29/11/2019 07/02/2020 01/05/2020 12/06/2020 03/07/2020 Percentage
        Video meeting Video meeting Video meeting  
Mrs S Patton x x x x x x 100% 6/6
Mrs M Hirst - o o o o o 0% 0/1
Mr D Moore x x x x x x 100% 6/6
Mrs I Cairns x x x x x x 100% 6/6
Dr V Brooks x - x x - - 50% 3/6
Mr A Khaliq x x x - x x 83% 5/6
Mrs A Navas x - - x x x 67% 4/6
Rev N Redeyoff - x x x - - 50% 3/6
Mrs D Roxby x x x x x x 100% 6/6
Mrs M Wharton x - x x x x 83% 5/6

Governor Attendance 2020-21



Name 06/11/2020 05/02/2021 19/03/2021 11/06/2021 14/07/2021 03/07/2020 Percentage
  Video meeting            
Mrs S Patton x           100% 1/1
Mrs H Dalby -           0% 0/1
Mr D Moore x           100% 1/1
Dr V Brooks -           0% 0/1
Mr A Khaliq x           100% 1/1
Mrs A Navas x           100% 1/1
Rev N Redeyoff x           100% 1/1
Mrs M Wharton x           100% 1/1


Local Governing Board structure 2020-2021


St Oswald’s Local Governing Board


Terms of office

Position / Governor category

Mrs S Patton


Continuous term while in post

Head teacher

Mrs H Dalby


14/09/2020 – 13/09/2024


Mr D Moore

01/03/2018 – 28/02/2022



Chair of Governors

Mrs A Navas


16/06/2019 - 15/06/2023



Rev N Redeyoff


Continuous term while in post


Mrs I Cairns *


13/09/2016 – 12/09/2020


PCC Trust

Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs M Wharton


31/08/2019 - 01/09/2023


PCC trust

Mrs D Roxby *


14/09/2016 – 13/09/2020


Dr V Brooks

18/07/2018 – 17/07/2022


Mr A Khaliq

18/07/2018 – 17/07/2022



* Please note Mrs Cairns & Mrs Roxby ceased to be Governors on 12th and 13th September 2020    respectively


                     For details of the DSAT Trustees please click here


                              Last updated 9th November 2020