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Home Learning

If you are currently working from home, we are providing Weekly Learning Projects for children to access via the Home Learning Page found via the Pupils tab.   Most of the activities can be completed on paper to minimise the need to print.  We have added web page links that might help your child if they are having difficulties, linking to sites such as BBC Bitesize, where there are videos explaining concepts.  We will also provide links to topic areas where possible.


Additional work linking to topics that have been started in class are available on the year group pages, along with associated activities.   If your child is finding it difficult to access any of the material on their year group, they can look at things in other year groups where appropriate, and there will be some material for pupils and parents to look at relating to SEND in the Alternative Access tab on the pupil strand.  



We understand how difficult it is to keep children occupied at home for long periods, so we will endeavour to update activities regularly, but some of our staff will be in school daily working with children of Key Workers, so please be patient.


If you are going stir crazy looking after your children, try our Year 6 Parent booklet to test your grammar knowledge, or take a virtual world tour!


Wishing you all the best for these unprecedented times,


The St Oswald's Staff Team

A wealth of home learning links can be found on this document


This is a fabulous site, giving help and video tutorials on how we teach maths to children in school via the mastery approach (which is probably very different to how we did it at school!). 


Top Tip -  If you are finding it a challenge to help children with maths, try some of the tutorials and activities on the lower year group pages to boost your own confidence - you could do this discretely or ask your child to 'teach' you - they will enjoy this and it will help them to understand concepts better at the same time!!

    Tips to support home learning here
  Free study books for KS1 and KS2 here

Access free on-line books here

Take virtual school trips around parts of the world by following the link: