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Regarding Christmas festivities:


'Just wanted to say what a lovely idea this is!

The kids are going to love it!'


I just wanted to email to thank everyone at school for this fabulous opportunity for some Christmas fun for the kids. 

It's been a tough year for everyone and I'm so appreciative that this has been put on. Please thank everyone on behalf of our family.


Regarding virtual and online learning


'Just wanted to say thank you very much, for your lessons.

The lessons have really helped the boys (& me), with having some educational interaction and structured work to complete.'


'We're really appreciating the zoom lessons, much more than if I were trying to teach her.  We think you're doing a great job and the circumstances are difficult.  Keep it up, you and Mrs Taylor have been brilliant.'


'Thank you so much to you and Mrs Taylor for all the effort you are putting into these lessons.  He was really proud of himself reading his work out.  Huge thank you because I don't think any of us say it enough when things are working well.'


'Thank you to you, Mrs Taylor and the school for keeping things going for the kids.'


'Thanks for today we have both really enjoyed it.  I even got to play to tig at lunchtime.  Genuinely we are really grateful for your efforts.'