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Whole School Events

Here is where you will find any information about whole school events!

Maths With Parents (Autumn 2019)


During the month of October, we invited parents to join us for a maths session with their child's class. Parents were able to join in with a normal maths lesson which focused on an area of calculation, in order to see how this is taught in school. Following this each class had a session focusing on problem solving activities where parents and children could work together to solve maths problems. 

Some of the feedback was as follows:


'The session went well, it was very interesting to learn how the children learn, very different to when I was at school!' ~ Year 5 parent


'It was brilliant to learn the method of the way of my son's learning - feel better places to assist him with his school work more now. Thank you for an invaluable lesson.' ~ Year 5 parent


'I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to join this learning session. It was lovely to witness how engaged the children were and how enthusiastic. The method of teaching was superb! Credit to the teachers and staff. New technology enables the children to understand and see visually. You do a brilliant job and the children are very lucky.' ~ Year 1 parent


'I was really impressed with this session. The classroom was very well organised and the lesson very structured. The children all knew exactly what they needed to do, was great to see.' ~ Year 2 parent


We hope to run a similar session on reading in the Spring Term 2020. 

Forest School Sessions (Summer 2019):


Thank you to those parents who joined us for the Forest School sessions during our 'Forest School Week.' The feedback we had was fantastic:


'The whole experience was great from start to finish. Mr Miller really captured the children's imaginations with his stories' ~ F1 parent


'I don't think anything could have made this experience better.' ~ F1 parent


'Great to see the kids in the natural environment. Commendable of the school to embrace this type of learning.' ~ Year 5 parent


'Honestly the best fun I've had in months! This is exactly the kind of outside learning that gives the kids life experiences.' ~ Year 4 parent


'The kids just come alive at Forest School and display teamwork, problem solving, its great to see the relationships forming.' ~ Year 2 parent

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