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F1 - Nursery


Welcome to F1


Teachers: Mrs Buckley and Mrs Pace


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jones (am only)


F1 Homework

Monthly home learning challenges are set via Class Dojo for activities linked to our learning in school that you can do at home to support your child's understanding. You can send these back to school by attaching a photo or video and a comment to your child's Class Dojo portfolio.


In F1 we try to foster a love of reading for pleasure. It is really helpful if you can read stories regularly with your child. Have a look at the document attached for some pointers on supporting early reading skills. 


Below are a few websites that are great for supporting children's learning at home online.

Encouraging Independence

It is really helpful if children can begin to have a try at self-care routines before starting Nursery. Of course, staff are always on hand to help, but if your child is already familiar with having a try at these things themselves it is a really big help. It also gives them more confidence in the classroom and allows them to get on with their day without having to wait for someone to help. 


Here are some things that you could encourage independence with at home:

putting on their coat

(At school we encourage the 'hoods on first' method as shown above for children who cannot yet put their coat on independently)

doing up their own zip

going to the toilet

washing their hands

eating with a knife and fork

drinking from a cup

Recommended Books to Share

Autumn Term Theme

Still image for this video

As part of our EYFS theme of ENCHANTED WOODLAND...

Join us as we venture into the woods for our F1 theme- Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

Why do hedgehogs hibernate? It’s time to explore the seasonal changes in the natural world during autumn and winter. This half term, we’ll be observing and experiencing the enchanting autumnal environment, collecting autumn treasures as we crunch through piles of fallen leaves.  We’ll learn about woodland animals and migration through movement and discuss the features that allow animals to survive through winter. In our literacy lessons, we’ll snuggle up and listen to autumnal stories and write woodland tales. Then we’ll talk about the changes that occur as autumn changes into winter.

Here are some lovely Autumn stories you could cuddle up with at home. Why not share your story snuggled in bed or a cosy den, to pretend you're hibernating like the animals?