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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4's class page! 


 Teacher: Mrs Stringer

  Teaching Assistant: Mrs Archer

Our Routines


Reading books will be changed on a Monday.  Please make sure your child brings their reading book and signed reading record on this day. Children are encouraged to read at home at least three times per week to develop fluency and comprehension skills. Please also ensure your child has their reading book and record with them each day as the adults in class will read with the children throughout the week.


Our PE days are Monday and Friday for the first half term.  Please can children come to school in their PE kit on Fridays and bring their uniform to change into. This half term we will be focusing on Tag Rugby and Cricket.





Reading at least three times a week

TT Rockstars - children to access this as much as possible please.  Keep a watch out for battles!

Weekly dictation sentences - these will be sent out via Class Dojo each Friday

Mental Maths sheets - these will be sent out each half term.  Please practise with your child and highlight each objective as they reach it.

Any opportunities the children can have to use maths in their everyday life, for example telling the times, adding up items at the local shop and working out their change etc will all be really beneficial for them as we progress through Year 4. 



Our class text this term is The Angel of Nutshell Road by Anne Fine

Can you think of a reason why there are three different front covers? What is the same and what is different?

Have you read any other stories by this author? 


Still image for this video

Welcome to our journey back in time as we discover what happened when the Romans invaded Britain. The  Romans came to  Britain nearly 2000 years ago and changed our country. Even today, evidence of the Romans being here, can be seen in the ruins of Roman buildings, forts, roads, and baths can be found all over Britain.

The Romans invaded other countries too. The Roman Empire covered much of Europe, north Africa, and the Middle East.

The Romans remained in  Britain from 43 AD to 410 AD. That is almost four hundred years (four centuries).

How did Britain become part of the Roman Empire? Find out in this BBC Bitesize video


The Romans, even today, play an important part in our lives. Many of the things we do or have originated from the Romans. Amongst lots of others, here are some of the things that the Romans gave us:-

Our language, the Census, the calendar, Laws & a legal system, straight roads, central heating, concrete & aqueducts.

See if you can find evidence of the Romans in your own home, village or town. There is still the remains of a Roman fort wall in Doncaster! Head to St George's Minster to see if you can find it!


Roman Mosiacs

The floors of Roman buildings were often richly decorated with mosaics, many capturing scenes of history and everyday life. Some mosaics were bought 'off the shelf' as a standard design, while the wealthy villa owners could afford more personalised designs. Some of the finest Roman mosaics in Britain can be seen at Fishbourne Roman Palace and Bignor Roman Villa.


Some of the museums in South Yorkshire contain Roman artefacts in clear displays. Visit Doncaster Museum, Weston Park Museum & Clifton Park Museum. 



Our topic this term is Living things and their habitats.  We will be considering what makes something a 'living thing' and will be working to classify different animals and trees.  We will investigate how creatures adapt to changes in their environments and we may even embark on our own mini beast hunt around the school field!


This term we are looking at data and how we can represent it.  We have used bar charts in our Maths lessons in Year 3 and this year we will learn how to represent our data using a bar chart on the chrome books.  We will learn how to use a spreadsheet to record our findings and how to program the spreadsheet to add up the totals for us.  We will then transfer the data to a bar graph to show our findings.  

Recommended Reading List LKS2

Helping your child at home:

Fabulous websites!

We really enjoyed looking at Top Marks Daily 10, and learning how to improve our arithmetic skills.  So many of the class wanted the link putting on the web site, so here it is - click on the image of the clock!



You also might want to try some of the other learning games on the Top Marks web site - click on the logo below to go to the menu page.