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F2 - Reception

Welcome to F2

Facilitators of learning:  Miss Forsythe and Mrs Hooley-Rice


We are so thankful for all the fun learning we get to do together in our FS2 family!

Key Information 

- PE is on a Monday morning.  Please send your child in their PE kit.  

- Books get changed on a Monday morning.  


 F2 Homework

In F2 we encourage our children to share a story with an adult three times each week - we send home a library book for you to read with them and we also send a phonics book home with them which is matched to what they are learning in class. 


Practice the letter sounds taught in class to be able to read and write them.  



Our class Dojo page is updated on a daily basis-please check this because we will share with you the learning that we have done in class so that you can support your child at home if you wish.  



Recommended Books To Share EYFS

Spring Term



This term in F2 our focus books are Jack and the Beanstalk and Monkey Puzzle.  


Maths: Growing 6, 7 and 8 ;  Length, height and time and Exploring the composition of 9 and 10.  

RE: Salvation: The Easter Story 

Science: Growing, plants and lifecycles (tadpoles, butterflies)

Geography: Where is Africa? What is it like to live there?

History: The Stone Age 

PSHE: Keeping safe online

Music: Charanga  Our world 

PE: Moving balls with our hands in different ways -Tuesdays 

DT: Structures - Creating a chair for the different characters in the Jack and the Beanstalk story.

Computing: Exploring hardware 

Core Texts