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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Teacher: Miss McKinlay

TAs: Mrs Talbot and Mrs Lindsay

Home Learning

Hi Year 5!  We are all busy trying to help you learn at home, so to make it easier we are going to put all of your work on the Home Learning page - you will need to follow the star for your class.   We will give your parents links to worksheets for topics and other things you might be interested in, so that if you are bored you can find something to do that will interest you.  Keep smiling!

Useful Websites


Pharaoh's Knowledge Organiser

This is our knowledge organiser for this topic, it includes all the important information you will need to know. You could use this to find out what else you could investigate about the Egyptians and their way of life.


Welcome to Year 5!

Teacher: Miss McKinlay

TAs: Mrs Talbot and Mrs Lindsay


Welcome back! I can't wait for another exciting year together. 




Our Topic!


Our current topic is 'Pharaohs'.


Let's travel back 5000 years to the dusty realms of ancient Egypt. Cruise along the Nile, entering a world of mysteries and curses, mummies and kings. Unravel the secrets of ancient tombs, using historical sources and age-old artefacts. Find out about powerful pharaohs and grandiose gods! Now open the doorway to ancient Egypt - who knows what treasures you will find?




- Reading 5 times a week

-   Weekly spellings

-    Maths homework

- Times Table Rock Stars 

- Any optional homework you would like to complete!


I love to see really creative homework and will award Dojos for any pieces completed smiley



Self Isolation


Hi to any of you who are at home!


We have put some tasks on this page to help you keep busy at home and feel like you are joining in with the class.  Keep checking in, as we will add more fun things for you to do!


Have a Look at Our Wanderful Work!

Steam train to Goathland trip!


We recently had the amazing experience of going on a steam train (just like Harry Potter!) to Goathland which was used as the setting for Hogsmede station in the Harry Potter films. While we were there, we learnt about the magic history of Goathland and which schools we would be sorted into. Here are some pictures from our trip! laugh



Potion Making!


Today, at Forest School, we made an amazing potion to bring us bravery ready for next week at our Marrick Residential. It included: dragons toenails, laughing lizards scales, wizards dreams and much more! Here are some photos of us enjoying the potion!

Bravery Potion Making!

Marrick Residential


And, we’re off! As you can see we can’t wait to get to Marrick to start our exciting week!



And, we’re off!

Day 1

Today, we went orienteering. We had an amazing time walking up a huge hill, we enjoyed looking at the beautiful views! We all showed great resilience and didn’t complain about walking up some very big hills in the mud! 

After our activity, we had a lovely three course meal of soup, pizza and ice cream! Yum!


Then, we went on a night walk. We really enjoyed this, we walked with and without our torches into the village of Marrick. Everyone was really brave and well behaved.

Day 2

Today, we started the day with a tasty cooked breakfast, toast and cereals. Group 1 went canoeing whilst group 2 went to the high ropes. Then after lunch, we swapped over.


In canoeing, we did lots of fun challenges including jumping in and changing places in the canoes! We were really tired after lots of paddling however before we left we made sure to have a splash fight and jump into the lake. We were all soaking but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 


In high ropes, there were two activities to complete. First we did an obstacle course then we completed a leap of faith. Everyone tried their best and we were really impressed with their bravery.


We finished the day with a campfire where we enjoyed camp fire songs. 

Lovely piano playing today at the Chapel

Still image for this video


Day 3

We started the day today with another full cooked breakfast, cereals and toast then we got ready for the day ahead. Today, we're doing zip wire, archery, climbing and abseiling. Group 1 will start the day doing climbing and abseiling and group 2 will be going on the zip wire and completing archery challenges. Then after lunch, we will swap over.

Day 4 

Today was the day for our day walk. We saw some amazing sights of Swaledale. First, we looked for fossils and different rocks, then we walked to the lead mill and finally we skimmed some stones. We saw some amazing countryside while we were walking as well as lots of animals! We all showed great perseverance, with very little moaning! 

Before the day walk

After the day walk

Pictures from our walk!

Day 5


Our last day!

Can I make a boat that floats?

Today, in Science, I challenged the children in teams to create a boat using only paper and cellotape which could float. The boat would then have cubes put into it until it sunk, the team whose boat could hold the cubes would win! The children had to think about their design, how they would make it waterproof and what the best shape would be. The winning teams boat held an impressive 112 cubes! 


To commemorate Remembrance, Year 5 and 6 visited St Oswalds church to have a look at the war graves and create some artwork based around the soliders and poppies. The children noticed how most of the people in the graveyard were very young, and were very respectful during our time there. This visit helped us to prepare for our Y5/6 Church service for Remembrance.



Snowball Fight!


Yesterday, we had the exciting surprise of having a snowball fight in school! We had so much fun throwing snowballs at each other and Miss McKinlay! By the end of our session we were all exhausted. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the snowballs!

Christmas Party!

We had an amazing time for our Christmas Party. We did lots of group challenges and games. First, the children (in their teams) tried to replicate a Christmas picture - Well done Spitfire who won! Then, we played musical statues (Well done Charlotte!) and musical chairs (Well done Alfie!). We ended the day with a final challenge to see which team could create the longest paper chain with their house colours. Well done Spitfire again! We all had a fabulous time and were very full after enjoying lots of delicious snacks.


Fawkes the Phoenix Collaborative Art Project

As a class we created Fawkes the Phoenix from the Harry Potter series during our art lessons. Every child took part in creating our Phoenix, each cutting some of the hundreds of individual feathers needed to create him and sticking them onto the outline (It was a long process!). Then, to finish our project in pairs the children created flames using pastels. We have Fawkes proudly displayed in our classroom for us to enjoy.

Meteor Madness!

In science, we are investigating the moons surface and craters. The children planned an investigation to find out if the diameter of the meteor affected the size of the crater it created. Working scientifically, we created 3 meteors of different diameters and dropped these into flour (used to repersent the moon's surface) and measured both the depth and width of the crater created. Have a look below for pictures of our investigation! 


Warburtons Visit!


We had an amazing visit from the team at Warburtons who came to tell us all about how to eat healthily, the history of Warburtons and how to make and shape bread! Each of the children were given a piece of dough to knead and shape however they wanted, there were: hedgehogs, seals, love hearts, donuts and more created! The children thoroughly enjoyed shaping their loaves and Michelle (our Warburtons visitor) told me how impressed she was with the children’s knowledge and independence! Well done Year 5!


Light-up Rockets!

After many weeks of planning, it was finally time to start building our rockets! We made sure to think about how would be using the rocket and what its purpose was (a children's nightlight) while we were making. It was harder than some of us expected but we showed perseverance. Photos of the creation process and the rockets (when they are complete) will be uploaded soon!




Moon Landing Debate


In History, we've been thinking about the Space Race, in particular the Apollo 11 moon landing. We learnt that some people believed the moon landing was not real, so we investigated lots of different sources and came to a conclusion. As a class, we planned a debate, half of the children proving the moon landing was real, and half proving it was false. Recently, we sat down on a long table (as if we were in the House of Commons) and each child debated their side. Here are some photos of the children in action!

National Space Centre Visit


To end our ‘Stargazers’ topic we visited the National Space Centre. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. In the rocket tower, we learnt all about the Apollo missions and were able to interact with lots of exhibits about the 60s. All of the children’s behaviour was exemplary, I am so proud of them.


“My favourite part was the rocket tower where you could talk to your friends in the rocket.” - Sophia.


”I learnt that a dog went into space and he died from heat exhaustion.” - Joseph.


”My favourite part was all of it because it was really fun and we learnt lots.” - Abigail.


Pharoah's Engage Lesson


To begin our Pharaohs topic, we found out what the Egyptians diet was like. To do this, Miss McKinlay managed to find some ancient Egyptian poo! We carefully examined the samples to look for clues about what they used to eat, we found out that they had quite a healthy diet including lots of fruits and vegetables (grown at the River Nile). However, we also discovered that they were not very hygienic as we found some tapeworms in our samples! Here are some pictures of us investigating!