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School Values and Ethos




We are a Church of England primary school with big aspirations; nurturing caring and curious individuals who respect and value our world and each other.  The heartbeat of our school is rooted in our Christian Values enabling all to flourish. 

We look towards the parable of the Good Samaritan as our guide. We aspire for our school to be a place where all children are valued, where they feel safe, are happy and learn well. We want our school to have a warm, friendly atmosphere, which supports families, builds relationships and sets children up for a life of learning. We want our Christian values to guide our pupils along the right path and help them to achieve fulfilling and happy lives.


‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ - Parable of the Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37


Once upon a time, a Jewish man was travelling along a road carrying his goods with him, when suddenly some thieves attacked him. They beat him and stole all of his belongings. That Jew was badly wounded. He was so injured that he could not even get up.

After some time a Jewish priest passed by him. He was a religious man who worshipped God. That priest should have helped the wounded Jew lying there. But he left him there. After this, the priest’s assistant passed from there, who was a Jew. He also did not help the injured person.

If we were there, we would have been sad to see that injured person and would have tried to help him in any way.

Then a Samaritan came along. The Samaritans and Jews considered each other enemies. But still, that good Samaritan supported the wounded Jew.

First of all, he bandaged the injured man’s wound and then took him on his donkey to a place where he could be safe. The Samaritan then arranged for the man to be taken care of and also paid for his treatment.

After the story was over, Jesus asked the person, “So now tell me who is your neighbour?”

Now in compulsion, the person had to take the name of Samaritan whom he considered his enemy.

“All the Samaritans and every person who is wounded, who is in sorrow, they are all our neighbours.” The man said to Jesus.

Now that person had understood what he had to do.


Our Vision


Our school vision reminds us that leading by example and demonstrating those values we hold close is powerful and engenders a sense of community and advocacy for all. Our vision is big and firmly sets the emotional, social, spiritual and academic growth of our pupils at the heart of everything that we do.


As we journey together. we learn to live as good neighbours, demonstrating love, compassion, tolerance, dignity and respect to all in our communities.

Through this we aspire to become global citizens, courageous advocates and people of wisdom and integrity.


Our school song:


In our school community we believe in being Samaritans, not only for each other but for our world and our environment. In 2023 we successfully achieved both the Rainbow Flag and Eco Schools (with distinction) Awards which demonstrates our commitment to promoting caring, tolerance and respect for both others and the world itself. We have chosen this song as it represents our role in being Samaritans for the world.


Our school prayer:





Our Values

Our values which are firmly aligned with our Christian ethos and rooted by biblical foundations. This means that we live, learn and teach by a set of values that will ensure our pupils develop the skills to be good citizens in the future. Our curriculum is underpinned by these values and these values are woven into our teaching and learning on a daily basis helping our pupils to develop improved social and emotional skills that will positively affect behaviour.


Our Christian Values are:  


Generosity             Thankfulness

Compassion           Trust

Courage                 Perseverance

Forgiveness            Justice

Friendship              Service

Respect                 Truthfulness


We revisit these during our daily acts of worship, on a two year rolling programme, which is supported by our local church through Rev Neil Redeyoff and Rev Carol Lee.

I Am The Earth Lyrics

Recording, backing track, sheet music and lyrics available from This is a lyrics video made for educational purposes. I do not own any of it. I hope you enjoy this gentle song by Glyn Lehmann.