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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Teacher:  Mrs Hermiston

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Slack



Hi Year 1!  We are all busy trying to help you learn at home, so to make it easier we are going to put all of your work on the Home Learning page - you will need to follow the star for your class.  We will give your parents links to worksheets for topics and other things you might be interested in, so that if you are bored you can find something to do that will interest you.  Keep smiling!

Below are some useful websites that will help you learn from home.


Daily online phonics sessions are being produced by the creators of Read Write Inc for children who are currently learning from home. Each day 3 new videos will be produced and released on the Ruth Miskin Youtube channel. This can be accessed through the link below. 

The video for...

Set 1 speeds sounds (suitable for F1 and F2 children) will be released each day at 9:30am.

Set 2 speed sounds (suitable for F2 and Year 1 children) will be released each day at 10:00am. 

Set 3 speed sounds (suitable for Year 1 children) will be released each day at 10:30 am. 

Each video will be available for 24 hours until the next is released. 

We hope you have fun giving them a go. 

Reading Books

Year 1 reading books will be changed each Monday and Thursday mornings. 

Reading book should still be brought into school everyday as daily record will be kept as to how many times your child reads each week to count towards their reading stars award. This will also allow adults within school to hear your child read as often as possible.



Friday is the Year 1 PE day.

Year 1 should come to school in their PE kits and bring their school uniform in their bags. Whilst the weather is dry will still be having our lessons outside so we ask the children are prepared with outdoor shoes and PE trousers and tops. Once again we ask you to ensure these are all labelled with the children's names so that lost items can be returned to the right owners. 


Forest School

Year 1 children will be attending Forest School each Monday afternoon.

Appropriate wet weather gear and warm old clothing will be needed. The children should come to school wearing their school uniform and with their forest school kit in a bag. Please ensure all items of the children's clothing both uniform and forest school are labelled with the children's name. 



Each Tuesday Year 1 will have their weekly spelling test and new words to learn shall be given. 

Please ensure the children's spelling books are returned each Tuesday morning.



Each Wednesday morning the children's homework books should be returned.

This will allow the previous weeks homework to be checked and the new work for this week given out. Each weeks homework will consolidate things we have been learning about in class.


Spring 2 Topic

Our second topic of the Spring term is 'Bright Lights, Big City' which will help us to learn about London.  In geography we will look at photographs of Finningley and London and make comparisons between the two and also learn which countries make up the British Isles.  We will learn all about the Great Fire of London and create our own news reports using the I pads.  We will read fiction books such as the Queen's Hat and non-fiction books which will develop our knowledge of London and the Royal family.

Forest School - Science Week

Today as part of Science Week the children have been to forest school to learn about insects and build them some homes.  The children used natural  resources to create homes for insects and used apples to create bird feeders.  We hung the bird feeders up ready for the birds to enjoy.  We used plastic bottles to make habitats for worms.  The children used hand saws to cut the bottles and put in layers of compost, sand and leaves before digging for worms.  We all had a great afternoon.

Spring 1 Topic

Our first topic of the Spring term is 'Rio de Vida' which will help us learn about the Rio Carnival.  We will learn about the floats, costumes and music of the carnival and why people celebrate in this way.  In geography we will find out where in the world Rio is located and what it would be like to live there.  We will also learn about the Amazon rainforest and which animals live there.  We will create animal fact files and learn how to look after the environment.

Autumn Topic


Our Autumn topic is 'Dinosaur Planet' which will help us learn about different dinosaurs, their habitats and why dinosaurs are extinct.  We will be reading lots of dinosaur story books and finding out information from non-fiction books.

Our exploration started when a strange egg appeared in our classroom.  I wonder what will happen to the egg?  I wonder what will hatch out of the egg?  Will it be a carnivore or herbivore?  These are some of the questions we will be asking and finding out the answers to. 

Dinosaur Day

As part of our dinosaur topic we had a whole day devoted to dinosaur fun.  We made dinosaur peg puppets, dinosaur masks and tails, biscuits and our very own fossils.