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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! 

Teacher: Mrs Barrios


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roxby (HLTA)

Our Routines


Reading books will be changed every Monday. Please ensure your child brings their reading record and reading books in on this day. 


Children are encouraged to read at least three times per week at home to help develop fluency and reading skills.  Please ensure your child has their reading record and reading book in their bags every day as adults in the class will read with children throughout the week.


Our P.E. days are Tuesday (am) and Friday (am).  Our session on a Tuesday is in the morning so children are to come to school in their PE kits and bring their uniform to change into. 

This half term we will be focussing on Tag Rugby and Cricket.



- Reading 3 times a week

-Weekly dictation to support spellings. These sentences will be added to Class Dojo on a Friday.

 - TT Rockstars - Children to access this as much as possible please. Keep your eyes peeled for tournaments!!

Maths Homework - mental maths sheets to be practised at home.   

We will be studying place value to 1000, addition and subtraction to 1000 in Maths this half term. 



Our class text this term is 'The Sheep Pig' by Dick King Smith.

Geography - Continents, Cities and Continents

What is a continent?


A continent is a large continuous mass of land conventionally regarded as a collective region. There are seven continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia (listed from largest to smallest in size). Sometimes Europe and Asia are considered one continent called Eurasia.


What is a country?


country is land that is controlled by a single government. Countries are also called nations, states, or nation-states. Countries can be large or small.


What is a city?


A city is a place where many people live together. They usually have large systems of houses, as well as ways of communicating and keeping the city clean.

    Science - Plants

In our journey, our young scientists will explore the amazing world of plants and discover the essential role they play in our lives.

Through hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and engaging experiments, students will delve into the mysteries of how plants grow, what they need to thrive, and how they adapt to different environments. They'll get their hands dirty as they plant seeds, watch them sprout, and observe the transformation from tiny seedlings to flourishing plants.

With a focus on curiosity and discovery, our Year 3 students will develop a deeper understanding of the natural world around them while fostering a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and importance of plants. 




We are focussing on 'digital literacy' this term.  We will be investigating web addresses and the importance of typing these correctly, learning how to bookmark pages and using the internet in our History unit. We will discuss the information found and how we can fact check it to make sure it is accurate. 

Recommended Reading List LKS2

Helping your child at home:

Practice number bonds to ten and twenty with Daily Ten!




Useful apps and Websites