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Parent updates and links

For tips on keeping kids busy, please find them on the Home Schooling page.


New today!  - Wear a wild crown - found on Home Learning Zone class pages!

School Update (last edited 01.04.20)


Please observe the 2 metre distancing rule during school drop-off and pick up.  All children must be dropped at reception - please do this one family at a time and leave 2 m between any other parents and children.


School will be closing for all but children of key workers on Friday 3rd April for the Easter break.  During this time we will not be setting work, but will place links for activities on the web site for those wishing for inspiration to keep children busy.  On Friday, we will be encouraging children and adults alike to wear the school colour of blue, in recognition of the hard work and dedication of the NHS workers in these troubled times.





For children who will be staying at home, we will be setting work via the Pupil tab, on the Home Learning page.  This work is intended to keep your child's skills in Maths and English fresh in their minds for when we eventually return, and should be completed in line with your child's ability and circumstances at home.  They may not complete all the tasks on the project lists, and we do not expect them to be sitting at a table from 9 am to 3.30 pm.  We appreciate that parents are not all teachers, so have tried to give as much guidance as we can to help.  Some teachers also have children at home, and all have families whom they are worried about, and we all fully appreciate how tricky things currently are, but we are trying to stay connected with the children in our classes as best we can to help them through this upsetting and strange time.


As a rough guide, we would encourage a child to complete at least one each of the maths and literacy tasks daily, plus one other activity for every day they would be at school (not weekends or holidays!).  These do not exclusively have to be from the Home Learning Projects - they are written to support parents and not to cause extra stresses.  There are huge numbers of online resources you can use to supplement or use as an alternative what is set by school, and we will keep you up to date with useful links.


Ideas for afternoons:

Play board games or complete jigsaws 

Have a karaoke session with lyrics and songs from You Tube

Have a dance-off with Wii Just Dance on You Tube!

Make an obstacle course in the back garden

Try out new recipes to make your own desserts

Build things from upcycled items

Do some gardening and plant carrot tops or seeds - use pop bottles as mini greenhouses

Set up a scavenger hunt

Write letters and draw pictures for relatives or neighbours who can't leave the house

Learn how to juggle

Learn a new language together online


Thank you for your patience, we will try our best to keep you updated as clearly and regularly as we can.




Resources to support emotional well-being


Brain Pop Video -This is a great clip for kids, explaining the virus and how to stay healthy.  It is a child friendly animation explaining what Coronavirus is followed by a quiz which you could do with your class/children at home.


Supporting Students Experiencing Childhood Trauma: Tips for Parents and Educators


Anxiety and world news – This is a great website for parents/carers containing the latest psychological news and research.


Safeguarding Implications for Online Learning – 8 Different Podcasts to listen to regarding Anxiety  

Smiling Mind  Smiling Mind is a great mindfulness app/website for the whole family (Age 7+) as a way to help calm and focus their brains and bodies.


Cosmic Kids Yoga and mindfulness for kids ages 3+. This is a great resource and many kids have experience using it in class.