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At St Oswald’s, we believe that Science is essentially an exploration of the world around us through investigation, incorporating the study of the physical world from observations, physical experiments, research and working scientifically.


Science focuses emphasis on investigation involving prediction, observation, testing and evaluation.  We believe that it is good practice for children to be encouraged to actively learn, by developing their own investigations based on studies presented by the teacher, and those formed from their own ideas. As they progress through school, these ideas will be increasingly founded in scientific knowledge and understanding.



We aim:

  • to develop the natural curiosity of children about the world around them
  • to develop questioning and enquiring minds through a range of enjoyable and interesting experiences
  • to help children develop the skills to make systematic enquiries
  • to enable children to develop an increasing attention to accuracy
  • to foster a positive, inclusive attitude towards Science and increase pupils’ understanding of the role of Science globally.


We follow the National Curriculum objectives through an in-house Scheme of Work, written to support the delivery of the National Curriculum objectives, which can be found below.

KS1 and 2 Programme of Study (National Curriculum)