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Geography at St Oswald's


Subject leads:  Mrs C Furniss 


Throughout school, we take a practical and theoretical approach to the study of Geography whereby children find out about their local surroundings and make connections between this and different countries and cultures, identifying similarities and differences with our locality and culture.


Children begin to develop their locational  in KS1 by identifying characteristics of different countries and also begin to build on their observational skills relating to both human and physical features both locally and internationally.  These skills are developed further in KS2 where field trips allow the children to study and record information from parts of the country other than our own, as well as identifying features of the local landscape and utilising a range of other skills to make sketches of locations and create pieces of writing or presentations about their experiences. Geographical knowledge is developed through the closer study and comparison of maps, using both digital resources and atlases, and children practise using compasses, grid references, symbols and keys to read and create their own maps and apply these skills practically.


At St Oswald's C of E Academy, we follow the new National Curriculum for Geography which can be found at the following site:


We have a created a bespoke scheme of learning that allows the progression of skills throughout school, making links between different areas of the curriculum and applying their understanding of local issues to global ones that the modern world is seeking to address.


We value the connections we make within our local community, and are always seeking to develop working relationships with partners outside of the immediate school to enrich children's learning.


Ideas and suggestions for projects you might be interested in exploring with us can be emailed to Mrs Furniss and Miss Calderbank (subject leads) at

A child's Geography Journey at St Oswald's



We have mapped out what a child's learning journey will look like in Geography at our school, from F1 to Y6.  Please click on the link to view it!


Sticky knowledge - the building blocks we expect children to remember by each stage of their learning (some examples of what we expect children to know)